Feeling Stuck in Your Life?

Celeste Cav
3 min readDec 7, 2020


I see you.

You’re struggling. You’re tired. You’re hungry for more.

Spinning your wheels with more and more effort, but never getting where you want to go.

Corporate stiff. Soulless work. Ever-increasing quotas. Mindless routines of work, eat, TV, bed.

You may have made a couple of bad decisions — wrong turns along the way that leave you feeling trapped.

But those were the result of listening to someone else’s thinking, someone else’s voice. Not yours.

And the truth is, you’re never trapped. Not now, not ever.

You can decide to listen to your inner voice. Not the one that calculates. Not the one that evaluates, but the one that beckons.

You’re not trapped, you’re free.

But maybe you’re scared to make the wrong choice, make the wrong career move.

Maybe you’re scared because a part of you knows the potential you have inside.

A part of you knows that once you’re in, you’re in. It's 100% or nothing.

You know you’ll be able to succeed no matter what you pick because you know yourself. You know how capable you are.

But with that knowledge of your capability comes fear.

Fear that you’ll invest your strength, your heart, your drive into the wrong thing. And one day, decades from now, you’ll wake up realizing that you wasted your chance at living an awesome life. And now, it’s too late.

So instead, you stay trapped.

Bidding your time. Evaluating. Calculating. Plotting and determining how you can get a leg up. How you can be 3 steps ahead, so that “in the future” things will be better. “In the future”, you’ll be rich & successful.

Well, that future’s never coming. At least not with your current plan.

I know it seems like you have an awesome plan.

I know it seems like you’re paying your dues, putting in your time, suffering now so that sometime soon, the floodgates of opportunity are going to rain down on you (in the form of a promotion, or a graduation, or a number in the bank account ).

I know it seems like these things, once acquired, will set you up to start doing what you really want to do (if you can even remember what you really want to do).

But they won’t.

Whatever you’re doing now only qualifies you to do more of it.

The job you’re in only qualifies you for the job you’re in.

That thing you’re studying only qualifies you to study more of it (masters, anyone?).

That money you’re stacking only gets you addicted to the paycheck, and you become deeper and deeper entrenched in the life you currently have.

The “suffer now, live later” strategy is a lie you’ve been sold. It was sold to you purposefully because it keeps you stuck on a hamster wheel, always chasing the elusive “way out”.

This lie has been crafted and sold to you on purpose because it keeps you serving those who created it.

“You’ll earn more money after you’ve paid your dues (keep doing the groundwork until we no longer need you).”

“Stay in school, it gives you options for your future (keep paying tuition as long as possible)”.

“If you have no money you just need to work a little harder (to make those of us at the top richer while we set your salary).”

The truth is, the master's degree is not the answer. That 2nd job is not the answer. That bonus check is not the answer.

You will never “get out” this way.

You will stay there forever. Nobody thinks it will happen to them, and yet, it happens to so many. Why?

Because it is addicting. Because it is a cycle. Because it has been crafted that way to serve the purposes of a few.

Your dreams are waiting for you whenever you’re ready to quit the addiction. The answer — how you get out — is not in unlocking the next level on your predetermined path.

The answer is finding your purpose. The answer is starting to chase those dreams. Not later, today.

Everything else is wasting time.