In a Rut? Logic Might Be In Your Way

Celeste Cav
Nov 15, 2020


Sometimes in life, there's just something that you have to do. And it doesn't make any sense to anyone, but it makes sense to you.

Actually, it may not even make sense to you. It may scare the crap out of you and dare you to go even further than you imagined any reasonable person would.

But do you want to spend your limited time here on earth being reasonable? Or do you want to start running, not knowing where your feet will land but trusting that they will find the ground, that you will find your footing, and that everything will be ok.

Sometimes, you just get a feeling that something needs to be done.

That its time.

Time to stand up.

Time to face your fear.

Time to surrender to whatever is about to happen next. You’re either going to be devoured by that thing that terrifies you, or you’re going to soar.

But either way, it's time to jump.

So jump! Just go!

You're scared, rational mind will keep you living in the same rut for the rest of your life if you let it.

That is a choice you get to make. That is a decision you get to choose. Leap or don't leap. Jump or stay scared.

The choice is yours. Choose wisely.