Why Today Is An Important Day

Do you know what today is?

Celeste Cav
3 min readJan 6, 2021
Photo by Robert Thiemann on Unsplash

Traditionally, today is an important day: January 6th.

I was raised in an Italian, Catholic home, and, forgive me for going all religious on you, but (probably), there’s a point at the end.

In the Western Catholic tradition, this is the day when the wise men visited baby Jesus and brought him gifts.

It’s significant because it’s the day that the world at large was introduced to this being (Jesus) who represents the divine light of God.

Today is also the day when Italian children wake up to find that “La Befana” (an old hag) has visited their house and left sweets in their socks/shoes if they were good, or coal if they were bad.

La Befana. Source: wiki commons

I think this is supposed to be instead of Santa…? But I always grew up with both.

Santa was always way better, because on the morning of Jan 6, you wake up to find clementines in your shoes, and on Christmas morning you wake up to find toys and presents. Which would you prefer?

Anyway, today is a significant day.

It’s called the day of the Epiphany — the day the world first found out about how God manifested himself as Jesus.

But you don’t have to be religious to appreciate this day (I’m not anymore).

You don’t have to be religious to appreciate this day because it’s a day to celebrate the fact that divine energy manifests itself in creation and is revealed to humanity.

That’s pretty dope.

It’s a good thing to reflect on, no matter what you believe…

That there is a source of energy/divinity beyond what we can rationally understand, and it manifests in ways that we can appreciate and interact with.

And, if you’re really bold, you might even believe that YOU are a part of it. That you can control and participate in this divine manifestational process…

It may even be that you are a product of it…

So, what’s my point?

Well, today I am reflecting on how many past versions of me I have been.

How I am always re-creating myself, and re-revealing myself to the world.

I’m sending love to the past me’s, who very clearly are NOT me — and yet — who so obviously are.

And I am sending appreciation to the future me’s who very clearly are NOT me (yet) but one day, will be revealed to the world on a day like this — a Jan 6 (so to speak).

— —

So, what traditions do you celebrate on Jan 6, if any?

And what are you creating and revealing to the world today, or any other day of the year?

Let me know!